How to check your debt?

See how to get more information on debt with the Credit Information Bureau
Failure to obtain a loan or a cash loan despite the stable financial situation may mean that we have some outstanding obligations that we should settle. The Credit Information Bureau is an entity that collects information about each debtor, thanks to which banks are able to make decisions on granting loans based on the data contained therein. Fortunately, not only Banks and other financial institutions have access to BIK data because you can also have it. The Credit Information Bureau is prepared at the request of informed credit and loans consumers to issue personalized debt reports. Such a report from BIK is not free, but it is worth ordering due to the fact of its detail and usefulness in own assessment of your creditworthiness. Obtaining a personalized report from BIK is not difficult.


What is included in the BIK report?

credit debt

The BIK report contains a lot of useful information, such as the history of repayments of specific loans, current debt, and the scale of the debtor. All the information contained in the report is exactly the same data that the financial institution receives when checking your creditworthiness. This information is useful because we can see how all institutions rated us as their creditor. The report also includes the amount of repayment of current debts, the remaining amounts to be repaid, as well as the loans and credits repaid. Point assessment, i.e. scoring is a system of debtor assessment, which is sent to banks to prompt whether a given person reliably repays his liabilities or not. In addition, for simplicity we will get a graphic indicator illustrating what situation we are currently in.

In addition to information from the BIK itself, the report includes information from the Economic Information Bureau. BIG operates on a similar principle as BIK, however, it does not collect information on loans but obligations arising from other contracts. The Economic Information Bureau is usually informed about delays due to the lack of payment for a telephone bill, television or the Internet. Such information is not always taken into account by the Bank, but if the credit situation is unclear, the lack of debt in BIG may help us.


How to use already downloaded BIK reports?

How to use already downloaded BIK reports?

First of all, it is knowledge about us that also banks that grant us loans have. With the BIK report in front of us, we can properly prepare for a conversation about a mortgage or a loan for your first business. Ordering a Package of reports for the whole year will allow us to track changes in our condition as a debtor. The information from the report can be used to improve our score as a debtor, thus obtaining better credit terms in the future.

We can also use BIK reports in other situations, e.g. renting an apartment. By presenting such a report to a person who rents an apartment to us, we will gain trust as a reliable tenant. Such reports are also useful when we talk about buying luxury goods in installments, when you need to present your earnings information and other data relevant to the loan process for a given good.


What has a positive impact on our credit history?

credit history

Having a good credit history, we can negotiate good credit terms, obtain a longer loan period, and lower interest rates. Caring for your credit history is not so difficult at first sight, but requires some knowledge. First of all, the model debtor repays his liabilities exactly on the date provided for in the loan agreement. This is a small nuance that not everyone knows and yet allows you to consciously control your credit history. Repayments of liabilities both after time and before may negatively affect our scoring in the BIK system. Other important aspects include:

  • As many liabilities repaid as possible
  • Current liabilities taken for the longest loan period
  • Regular repayment of revolving credit cards (also included in the BIK)
  • Maintaining a maximum of open debt



The BIK debt check is available to any interested adult citizen of the Republic of Poland. Everyone interested in such a report must pay the amount currently applicable in BIK for generating it. The report which we will receive in this matter will be a reliable source of information about us as a debtor. We can present such a report both in a financial institution and when signing contracts where it is necessary to assess us as a partner. Thanks to our report, we gain information about how the bank sees us, and we can monitor how it changes over time. The BIK report is a very useful tool for self-assessment of your financial capabilities and for improving your image among financial partners.

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